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Discover share with friends! As we start to struggle with the cold weather, scarves become a necessity for everyday outfits. One of winter’s hottest new trends is the infinity scarf — or the circular scarf. Super stylish all year round, the eternity scarf has no loose ends and does not slide off. The chic infinity carves are accessories that range from heavy knits to thin cashmere, and styles are available for women as well as for men.

The infinity scarf is a continuous loop and looks like never ending, almost like a necklace with no clasp. The infinity scarves are available in various sizes, styles and material. Some are reversible for different looks, and some offer different textures for a layered look. Knit infinity scarves are also a great gift for women. People obsess in infinity scarf since it’s an easy and inexpensive way to add a burst of color or texture to a plain outfit. Otherwise, the crochet infinity scarf acts as an elegant hoodie and is appropriate in conservative countries, provides warmth, and offers protection from the sun.

Infinity scarves offer a variety of colors, textures and designs. Some are embellished with studs, sequins and beads. The infinity scarf will add effortless retro-cool to every look. Bring timeless retro-chic to casual day look with a red scarf, paired with a plain white t-shirt, khakis, red heels and over-sized sunglasses. Add a little texture to the little black dress with a silver or gray chunky infinity scarf. Some scarves are available with a hood attached to the scarf. Slip on a striped infinity scarf over a blazer and tuck the excess in front into the blazer. With a backless dress, consider taking a scarf and wearing it backwards so that it wraps around the neck snug up front and hangs freely in the back.

Infinity scarves can be worn in many ways with a little creativity. Many looks are dependent upon the size and style of the scarf. Showing you step by step instructions, wear your fashionable infinity scarf to keep you warm while looking stylish:

  • 1. The basic: Lay scarf flat, place behind neck, take one end and place through loop. Or, pin both ends together to create a handkerchief look.

  • 2. The cowl: Loop around neck and fluff. Depending on how long it is, you can wear it long, or loop it twice or even thrice.

  • 3. The shawl: place the scarf around the waist and pull the part in front over the head.

  • 4. The hood: Cover head, leave scarf draping, or loop around neck for secure fit. Or place over neck, twist and wrap the second loop around the head.

  • 5. The shrug: Extend both arms through loop.

  • 6. The wrap: Wrap the scarf around the body, let drape, or pin to secure.

  • 7. The belt: Wrap around the waist and insert a scarf buckle through the excess on one of the sides. If the scarf is wide and thin enough, create a layered look by belting above the center of the scarf and fold over.

  • 8. The back look: Loop around neck, gather extra length at back and let drape.

    There you have it, infinite ways to keep warm and trendy this fall & winter season.
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